Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Halloween Show at Auguste Clown Gallery

For this year's All Hallows Eve, I attended the fabulous opening night of the Halloween show at Auguste Clown Gallery. Over 70 painters and sculptors from around the world contributed spectacularly spooky pieces to this exhibition, which ran until the end of November. 
Auguste Clown Gallery front window, Halloween show
Auguste Clown Gallery Halloween show

As of this weekend, I have finally collected and hung the piece I bought that night in pride of place above my mantel. This fabulous creature, 'Spiderface', is a Yeti, handmade by the talented folks behind Yetis and Friends, Cody Williams and Nana Porcelaine. Cody and Nana make a wide variety of Yeti and Alp trophies, but when I spotted this particular red-eyed beast in the exhibition previews, it was love at first sight.

"Spiderface" by Cody Williams
Spiderface was in wonderful company - gallery owner Leigh Cornish gathered together a superb collection for Auguste Clown's first Halloween show. Aside from my furry new friend, these were my favourite pieces on the night:

"Wednesday Addams" by Mai-Ja
"The Mask Vendor" by Grayson Fogg
"Albino" by Cody Williams
"All Hallow's Eve" by Frank Forte
"Chicken Liver" by Chris Haas -
image courtesy of Auguste Clown Gallery
"Trece" by Kat Caro, mixed media painted Blythe

"Milo" by Grayson Fogg
"Mr. Bromwell" by Grayson Fogg
Auguste Clown Gallery owner Leigh Cornish
You can see the entire collection at www.augusteclown.com 

Thank you for another brilliant show Leigh, and thank you to Cody and Nana for your Yeti-tastic creations - your little Spiderface has come to live with a family who really loves him. ❤


  1. Eeeeeeeeeee! ❤ It looks fantastic! If it's on next year, I'm coming with you!

  2. Albino Yeti, Mr. Bromwell and Chicken Liver are fabulous! Spider face will lure you back next year so save your pennies! xoDebi

  3. Awesome images!!! So jealous...don't think anyone around here does such an exhibition :D XXX

  4. I'm jealous. The mounted heads look fantastically spooky. And Wednesday is perfect.

  5. You have the best exhibits over there! Chicken Liver can hang on my wall any old day of the year. :)

  6. I am really jealous! I wish I could have went! Amazing!!!!

  7. Oh gothness how many lovely art pieces!!

  8. UGGH, all anyone seems to paint up here is beach LOL, looks brilliant, love your family addition that followed you home, all art wonderful and 'Milo' is our dogs name AND has same colouring :)

  9. I fall in Love with the "Albino" & the "Spiderface"... I dont like Spiders... but this one... *sigh*... so creepy cute and cozy...

  10. What an amazing outing!

    We don't get gorgeous exhibits like this, here.

  11. Gorgeous if terrifying! If i had any of these, they would go in my future guest room! Esoecially the stuffed monster heads!