Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Halloween Show at Auguste Clown Gallery

For this year's All Hallows Eve, I attended the fabulous opening night of the Halloween show at Auguste Clown Gallery. Over 70 painters and sculptors from around the world contributed spectacularly spooky pieces to this exhibition, which ran until the end of November. 
Auguste Clown Gallery front window, Halloween show
Auguste Clown Gallery Halloween show

As of this weekend, I have finally collected and hung the piece I bought that night in pride of place above my mantel. This fabulous creature, 'Spiderface', is a Yeti, handmade by the talented folks behind Yetis and Friends, Cody Williams and Nana Porcelaine. Cody and Nana make a wide variety of Yeti and Alp trophies, but when I spotted this particular red-eyed beast in the exhibition previews, it was love at first sight.

"Spiderface" by Cody Williams
Spiderface was in wonderful company - gallery owner Leigh Cornish gathered together a superb collection for Auguste Clown's first Halloween show. Aside from my furry new friend, these were my favourite pieces on the night:

"Wednesday Addams" by Mai-Ja
"The Mask Vendor" by Grayson Fogg
"Albino" by Cody Williams
"All Hallow's Eve" by Frank Forte
"Chicken Liver" by Chris Haas -
image courtesy of Auguste Clown Gallery
"Trece" by Kat Caro, mixed media painted Blythe

"Milo" by Grayson Fogg
"Mr. Bromwell" by Grayson Fogg
Auguste Clown Gallery owner Leigh Cornish
You can see the entire collection at www.augusteclown.com 

Thank you for another brilliant show Leigh, and thank you to Cody and Nana for your Yeti-tastic creations - your little Spiderface has come to live with a family who really loves him. ❤

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gorgeous Gifts from Little Gothic Horrors

Good evening, dear fellow darklings. I hope you are all well.

While we don't officially celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, this post is my own little version of it, without the roast turkey dinner. ;) You see, I have recently been honoured to receive two of the best gifts anyone has ever given me, and I'd like to share with you all my gratitude for both the gifts and their giver. 

Everyone here in Blogland would be familiar with the incredibly generous, supportive and kind lady responsible for my recent surprises in the mail. The founder of the brilliant Little Gothic Horrors is known and loved all over the world, not just for the delightfully dark content she curates and creates, but also for her genuine friendship and support of fellow bloggers. 

For me personally, Emma has been a buddy for the past couple of years, but ever since I expressed an interest in starting a blog of my own, she has become my fabulous Fairy Blog-Mother. In fact, it was Emma and her wonderful graphic designer husband Danny who brought my baleful birdy and banners to life. Emma's friendship, advice and unwaveringly enthusiastic encouragement have been invaluable to me, both 'blog-ally' and personally, and I am blessed to have her in my life. 

You can imagine, then, how honoured I feel to be this little darling's new owner. He is the beautiful Little Gothic Crow Emma made for the recent Halloween Nevermore Rapport Blog Hop. Like everyone else, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, and couldn't stop admiring the Gothy gorgeousness of Emma's latest creation. As Emma promised in her post, this birdy did indeed fly away after the P(oe)arty to the nest of a friend - and that friend still can't believe how lucky she is.

When this little chap arrived, I was so excited about meeting him that I didn't think to take a photo of the gorgeous Burton-esque wrapping, with tiny skulls adorning a red ribbon. This is my attempt at re-wrapping it afterwards, which of course is nowhere near as good as Emma's beautiful bow!  

I squealed for joy as I lifted my fabulous new friend out of his travel clothes, admiring the incredible craftsmanship of his construction, and hugged him while I opened Emma's lovely card.

I was already teary-eyed when I logged into Facebook to thank my dear friend for this P(oe)rfect little ray of sunshine. When Emma told me that the story of my childhood toy vulture, a gift from my grandmother, had sown the seed of this little crow's genesis and become her birdy Muse, the (happy) tears began to flow. If Grandma was still here, she'd be as delighted and touched as I am to hear that her vulture had inspired the creation of another darkly handsome birdy gentleman. :)

Soon afterwards, I discovered that Emma's generosity knows no bounds. Having found some birdy fabric she knew I would love, Emma created a friend for my little crow, at which point I decided I must be the luckiest 'mingo ever! 

I remembered to get a photo before opening my present this time. Wrapped in Burton-esque paper and red ribbon, this time Emma adorned the ribbon with a darling wee red-eyed crow.

I opened the card first, beaming, admiring the beauty and love that goes into everything Emma creates.

I have wanted to own at least one of Emma's dolls since first laying eyes on them two years ago, and this little love could not be more perfect. From her black and white birdy fabric to her spider button, from her black hair and red ribbon to her black lace collar, this dolly is exactly the one I would have chosen. I absolutely adore her! *more happy tears* :)

Emma, I cannot thank you enough for these two little darlings, they mean the world to me. I'm looking at them on my mantel now and I just can't believe they're really mine! They are absolutely P(oe)rfect, and I will treasure them as I treasure you and your wonderful friendship... Evermore! ❤