Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gothabilly Glam - Debstar Designs

Greetings, dear fellow darklings. I hope you are all well.

This evening, allow me to introduce you to a fabulous Australian alternative jewellery designer, who is not only wickedly talented, but a lovely lady to boot. Meet Deb, the Gothabilly gal behind Debstar Designs

Deb of Debstar Designs, pictured here
with one of my cousins
Based in Sydney, Deb has been creating costume jewellery for the alternative market for some time now. She draws her inspiration from "the unusual, the strange, the kooky and kreepy and the downright weird, featuring icons classically associated with cultures including Rockabilly, Gothabilly, Psychobilly, Goth and Horror." 

A collection of Debstar Designs pieces
Debstar Designs often has a stall at the Sydney Rock & Roll Alternative Market, and will be setting up for the next one on September 14. 

Debstar Designs Market Stall
If you're heading to the market, keep an eye out for her gorgeous green coffin display case, and these recently-created matching display frames: 

Debstar Designs Market Display Frame, 
with Triple Skull and Crossbones Chain Necklace
Following Debstar Designs on Facebook and Instagram is a great idea if, like me, you don't live in Sydney and therefore can't get to the market stall, as she often posts one-off items for purchase that are not available through her website. Below is one such example - Deb posted this fellow gothic flamingo on Instagram last week, now here he is on my coffee table. :)

Debstar Designs Flamingo Brooch
Some old Debstar favourites:

Debstar Designs Spider Brooch with Black Crystal Diamantes
Debstar Designs Starburst Crystal Hair Clips with Skulls
Debstar Designs 'The Munsters' Necklace
And some new favourites, currently available on the Debstar Designs website:

Debstar Designs Spiders and Webs Necklace
Debstar Designs Poison Letter Necklace

Debstar Designs Coffin Cardigan Clips
Debstar Designs Hearse Bracelet
I might just have to book a trip up to Sydney around September 14. :) Love your work, Deb! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Michele Lynch and her Steampunk Souls

I first discovered figurative pop surrealism artist Michele Lynch only recently, when I saw her tagged in a photo on Facebook with Mab Graves and Aunia Kahn at Alexi Era Gallery. Being a fan of the other two ladies' work, I clicked on Michele's profile straight away, and upon scrolling through her page, became completely smitten with her art. 

You can see why:

'The Plot' - Michele Lynch
'In Loving Memory' - Michele Lynch
'Katianna' - Michele Lynch

I love the way Michele explains the inspiration behind creating her amazing pieces: "The Steampunk Souls were created after working for a company where [I] nicknamed the Vice President 'The Soul Sucker'. Driving to and from work every day, [I] began to envision a group of misfit rebels that could rise up and take back their kingdom of creativity from The Soul Sucker. The Steampunk Souls became those rebels." Ha! 

Michele explores these characters and their stories through sculptures and 3D paintings, which have been exhibited all over the USA and right around the corner from me here in Melbourne at Auguste Clown Gallery

'The Caretaker' - Michele Lynch
'The Hallow Sisters' - Michele Lynch 
'Darcy Zombie' - Michele Lynch
Aside from exhibiting her work in various fabulous galleries, Michele also sells items through her online store and her Etsy shop, like these little beauties:

'Steampunk Souls Jessie' - Michele Lynch
'Vampire Bat Girls' necklaces - Michele Lynch

I recently ordered one of her print sets and I absolutely love it. Each of the prints in this limited edition set is signed and numbered on the back. 

Michele was even kind enough to include a sweet little note with the package.

The set includes: 

'Belladonna' - Michele Lynch
'Wednesday Addams' - Michele Lynch
'The Plot' - Michele Lynch 
'The Caretaker' - Michele Lynch
'Lucretia' - Michele Lynch
I popped these little darlings into plain black frames today.

And finally, here is the lady herself - just as gorgeous and fabulous as her art  ❤