Monday, June 16, 2014

The waifs and strays of Mab Graves

Greetings dear darklings.

This evening, I would like to share with you my excitement about the release of Mab Graves' latest painting, 'The Entomologist's Daughter'. Not only has lovely Mab created yet another incredibly beautiful piece, she has decided to release it right here in Melbourne at Auguste Clown Gallery this Friday night!

The Entomologist's Daughter

From June 20 until July 7, 'The Entomologist's Daughter' will form part of the Fitzroy gallery's Wilderness exhibition, a show featuring more than 30 international artists. Through this show, Auguste Clown wants to take us on "a journey to a land bound only by the imagination, where nature reigns and the wild roam … [this exhibition will] bring together a collection of traditional paintings and sculptural art in an exploration of an untamed world." I'm really looking forward to it!

In celebration of this great event, I have gathered together some of my favourite pieces by this fabulous pink-haired Pop Surrealist, who movingly describes her art as, "My creations, my obsessions, my darlings. My Waifs and Strays. To inspire you, capture your wall, hold it hostage and not let it go. Or maybe just to vaguely creep you out. Each piece is an original painting. Each painting is a piece of my heart." No wonder I love her work so much. 

Enjoy my dear darklings :)

Harlow In The Fairy Ringweb
The Raven Queen
Into The Night
Elphaba and the Flying Monkeys
Alice Croquet
Verity Graves-Skellington 
Krampus Bellus 
Page of Pentacles
And last, but by no means least, here is a sneak peek of a work in progress for Mab's Alice in Wonderland solo show, to be held at the Monster Gallery in Indianapolis in September of this year. I'd love to be there to see this collection!